Welcoming AwaykeN and ifan to The Raptors

Today is another update-filled day in the history of Raptors Esports Club, as we have the pleasure of announcing some exciting news regarding the future of our Counter-Strike team. We are happy to announce we have re-signed a former player and are bringing in a fresh face to bolster our Counter-Strike roster.

Firstly, we are thrilled to announce the return of Slaven ‘AwaykeN’ Lyubenov. After exploring several options and trialling new players, it became evident that there was a uniquely tailored role that no free agents could fill as adeptly as AwaykeN. He has been a cornerstone of our recent success, including the pivotal promotion from ESEA Main to ESEA Advanced.

His re-entry to our roster will bring the synergy and coordination that was instrumental in our successful run in ESEA Main. We have full confidence that with him back on the team, we will solidify our position in ESEA Advanced and also aim for new milestones never seen before in the history of Raptors Esports Club.

While it’s a joy to welcome back a familiar face, we are equally excited to announce a new addition to the Raptors Esports Club family – Arkadiusz ‘ifan’ Dabkowskiifan will bring a fresh perspective and invaluable experience to our Counter-Strike team, as we aim to compete in more European competitions.

As we announce this change, we want to take a moment to thank fans and supporters who stand by us through the various transitions we make and challenges we face. Our quest for growth always continues, and this requires change.

Stay tuned for updates as we dive into an exciting new phase of our Counter-Strike journey, made all the more promising by adding a new dynamic to our roster.


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