Raptors EC Bid Farewell To Our CS2 Roster


We Bid Farewell To Our CS2 Roster

As 12 months with the organisation approaches, the Raptors CS2 roster consisting of Rasmus ‘Zodi’ Frolich, Marco ‘MMS’ Salomone, Reegan ‘ReegaN’ Ward, Slaven ‘AwaykeN’ Lyubenov, Arkadiusz ‘ifan’ Dabkowski, and Daniel ‘Papp’ Hart part ways with the organisation after a mightily successful run in the last season of ESL UK Premiership and EPIC40 which saw two trophies lifted in 2 months.

The recent success of the team has proven their ability to conquer tough opponents in the likes of Endpoint and recent major contenders Into The Breach and therefore this has enabled the team to seek a more rewarding opportunity in the Counter-Strike scene.

The team is now looking for an organisation that can support its growth as it moves to the next level and competes in tournaments such as the ESL National Champions for a place in Pro League and as they strive to make a name for themselves in CCT.

In an interview at EPIC40, we asked Marco ‘MMS’ Salomone to summarise his time at Raptors:

“It's been a very successful time at Raptors, and everyone has made us feel at home. It's probably the best org I've been at to date. Everyone here's really welcoming and the team has been really fun to play in.”.

We asked Brad Heaton, CEO, on his thoughts about what lies ahead for Raptors EC:

First of all, I'd like to thank the lads for being such a great group of people. Not only have they brought massive success to a relatively new organisation in a short space of time, but they have been all-around great people to be around and build alongside.

Their in-game ability speaks for itself and I believe the time is right for them to pursue that next step in what definitely appears to be a promising career in esports for them not only as a team but as individuals also. I can't thank them enough for what they have accomplished as a part of Raptors, not only does it develop them, but it has skyrocketed our brand also.

The next steps for Raptors are uncertain. It takes a lot of resource to continue the growth at the rate we are currently seeing and unfortunately some decisions can't be made as quickly as you'd like. Whether we see this team back in the Raptors nest shortly is still uncertain, and therefore the next steps of the organisation are halted until we can confirm that.

The entirety of Raptors would like to thank Dan, Ras, Marco, Reegan, Slav, and Arek for their time at Raptors and their contributions in making UK CS history.

We would also like to thank our friends along the way including Will ‘WFN’ Maskrey, Sean ‘Atrox’ Greene, Euan ‘Synergii’ Wilson and Mohamad ‘Ducky’ Nourelden.

Once a Raptor, always a Raptor.

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