The New Raptors: Announcing our new CS2 roster


The New Raptors

"After a few months of Raptors CS2 turmoil, I think we've made the right decision now to move forward with a really promising team that is dedicated to reach the top." - Brad Heaton, CEO

Raptors announce yet another significant change in their approach to CS2. After a few months of roster mania, we are glad to announce that we have agreed a 6-month deal worth around £6500 with the ex-Team Coalesce roster.

A Testament To The Previous Team

Whilst their stint at Raptors was very short, we want to share a thanks to the recent Part Timers lineup that joined Raptors and helped us to keep up our presence in UK CS. They were a great group of people and I’m sure will be seen around UK CS in tournaments to come with a different lineup!

A Familiar Face Returns

The roster consists of Anthony “BehinDx” Luscombe (IGL), William ‘wfn’ Maskrey (AWP), Karrar “Karrar” Almayali, Michael “Prime” Fury, Matthew “moz” Gelder, and Szymon “Deuce” Czapiewski.

One name familiar to Raptors fans will be wfn. The AWPer has returned to Raptors where he was highly regarded by the staff and fans alike. We asked him how he felt to make his return to the Raptors:

I’m happy to be back with Raptors, the guys are great and always treated us well. I’m looking forward to showing what we can do and hopefully continuing the success they’ve had before.

A Different Strategy This Time?

Another familiar name is Deuce returning as coach, where he was recently released from Raptors as part of a different project. We asked him “What’s different this time around?”:

First word that comes to mind is attitude. We are serious about this, and the team's chemistry is probably our biggest overlooked asset. This translates into how we play, how we share feedback and improve as a team. No more roster shuffles! Everyone on the team needs to feel secure about their place here and and thus be empowered to play with confidence, be proactive and not scared to make a mistake.

A Word from the Bosses

In light of the recent changes since our success with our CS:GO roster, Brad Heaton, CEO of Raptors Esport Club, wanted to share his vision and what an official & longer-term signing means for Raptors:

After a few months of Raptors CS2 turmoil, I think we've made the right decision now to move forward with a really promising team that is dedicated to reach the top.

Running an esports organisation isn't easy, and no matter what level you're at in esports there are highs and lows. Since the success of our last roster, we have found it difficult to maintain our position as a leader in UKCS and this has had effects on not just our CS2 division, but also the Raptors brand as a whole. This unfortunately includes sponsors pulling away from us at vital moments.

I hope, with this new roster, we can return to the level we had before, both on and off the server. You can expect to see a much more structured approach to our operations, entertainment & merch offering over the next few months & beyond.

We also asked Alistair Swift, COO of Raptors Esports Club, what he thinks of the new team:


Stay tuned for updates on our journey, match schedules, and behind-the-scenes content.

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