The End of Raptors Esports

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The End of Raptors Esports

We regret to inform you all that the Raptors CS2 team has officially disbanded. This was decided by the Team, and this was a decision made in complete isolation of the Raptors organisation.

The Raptors organisation was made aware of this via the Coach and Team Captain on 11/06/2024 after the decision was made and the players were notified. This announcement has also been prematurely tweeted out by the Team Captain, the Coach, and one of the Players, as you may have seen already.

Following this drama, we would like to formally announce that our CS2 team has disbanded and that they will no longer be representing Raptors EC. This comes at an unfortunate time, just one month before EPIC.LAN 42, but we hope that it is a decision made for the right reasons within the team.

As an organisation, we have struggled to settle within UKCS following our successful run in late 2023, and this has resulted in lacklustre consequences both on and off the server. This is not our first drama in recent times, with our previous team delivering poor results at the last EPIC.LAN (41) and subsequently also disbanding.

This inability to find stability in UKCS has been detrimental to the success of our seemingly uprising esports organisation and as a result we formally announce that we will be stepping away from esports operations for the foreseeable future.

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported the organisation in recent times. We are deeply grateful for your support over the years and also for your understanding during turbulent times. Your encouragement has meant the world to us, and it is with heavy hearts that we make this announcement. This is not an easy decision, but one that must be made.

Moving forward, we are still unsure on how or if to progress as a business and contribute to the UK esports ecosystem from a different angle, but we will keep you updated with our new direction and any future plans we may develop. Until then, thank you for being a part of the Raptors family.

Once a Raptor, always a Raptor. #UTFR.

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