Raptors TrackMania Reach Top 10 In The World


Raptors TrackMania Reach Top 10 In The World

Raptors EC competed in the biggest event in Trackmania, projecting ourselves into the limelight after a strong 9th-10th finish,

The Trackmania World Championships is the most prestigious event on the scene with the best players in the world showcasing their skills and battling it out for their chance to compete in the Montpellier finals.

Narrowly missing out on this opportunity, ‘Sheinimi’ and ‘NRGZ’ showed why they deserved to be in the spotlight when it comes to the best of the best.

Getting to the middle stage gave ‘Sheinimi’ and ‘NRGZ’ the chance to come up against some of the biggest and best teams around Europe with the likes of BIGClan, Karmine Corp, Into The Breach and Solary.

The first match gave Raptors a tough opponent in Karmine Corp, a colossal name in the esports scene. However, facing such an opponent means coming against the most renowned players in the world, who bested us 4-2.

Due to this Raptors EC was knocked down to the lower bracket, subsequently facing Tsun Esports. The prior loss was short lived after a thrilling 4-2 match, pushing Raptors EC closer to the Lan Finals.

However once again, Raptors EC faced the formidable Karmine Corp. Already knowing how tough this opponent was, ‘Sheinimi’ and ‘NRGZ’ tried to rectify their mistakes from the prior match. Unfortunately, Karmine Corp were in extremely good form as they bested Raptors EC 4-0. All hope was not lost as Raptors EC still progressed to the middle stage of the Trackmania World Championships.

We spoke to ‘Sheinimi’ and got his opinions on making it to the middle stage of the event.

“Our first goal was reaching the Middle Stage, and we managed to do so without losing a single map, so we were already pretty happy about it. We entered Middle Stage with a good mindset, not being impressed by whom we would be facing whatsoever, we just wanted to win”.

Getting to the middle stage gave ‘Sheinimi’ and ‘NRGZ’ the chance to come up against some of the biggest and best teams around Europe.

The first opponent for the middle stage was ‘SINNERS Esport’ who have cemented their place in the Trackmania scene with two of the best players in the world. The match was tit for tat as Raptors EC came out on top and bested ‘SINNERS  esports’ 4-3 in exciting fashion.

Our final race was against ‘BIG’ and knowing how tough of an opponent they were, Raptors EC knew they were in for a tough fight. It was an uphill battle however as ‘BIG’ bested us on all four maps, subsequently beating us 4-0 which concluded our fantastic run against the best Trackmania players in the world.

After an emotional weekend ‘Sheinimi’ had this to say about the event.

“It was tough to digest my Sunday's performance, it took me a bit of time to get over it, and I had to make a little "statement" about my feelings to settle this chapter and overcome it. In the end, I'm still happy about our performance. We both showed that we were good players, capable of doing great things as a duo. It was really fun to face great players, and a great way to learn about what I need to fix in order to grow as a player.”

This was the first time Raptors EC have qualified for such a prestigious event in Trackmania and it was certainly one to cherish and remember.

We asked Ethan Smith his thoughts on the players and their performances.

“I was extremely happy with their performances and loved how the ‘Sheinimi’ and ‘NRGZ’ got their chance to really showcase their capabilities and skills against the best in the world. We want to project the organization into the spotlight in all areas, and I believe we are getting to the point where we are becoming a formidable force. I am certainly looking forward to the next Trackmania event.”

The conclusion of the Trackmania World Championships marks a huge milestone in Raptors EC’s ambitions in becoming one of the leading Trackmania teams in Europe, and with the aligned goals of both the organization and players, this is soon becoming more achievable.

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