Déjà Vu: Raptors Part Ways With Our CS2 Roster


Déjà Vu: Raptors Part Ways With Our CS2 Roster

In another twist that feels all too familiar, Raptors Esports Club parts ways with our Counter-Strike 2 team.

A Rollercoaster Journey for Raptors

Featuring talents Szymon ‘Deuce’ Czapiewski, Connor ‘Finui’ Finucane, Igor ‘Igorek’ Kochany, Heiðar Flóvent ‘Midgard’ Friðriksson, Rudolf ‘Rutk0’ Kovalčik, and Alex ‘PALM1’ Palm, the team showed promise but struggled to deliver the high-level performances expected following Raptors’ rise in UK Counter-Strike.

Despite their undeniable commitment, recent outings have fallen short of the club’s ambitious standards. Notable results, including a 12th place finish at EPIC.LAN 41 and a currently 3rd place in UKIC Division 2, prompted a revaluation of our competitive strategy.

Embracing Change, Again

Acknowledging the need for change, Raptors Esports Club has made the tough decision to release our current Counter-Strike 2 team. This move is not a reflection of the players’, but more a strategic pivot towards reshaping our attempt to remain at the highest levels of UK Counter-Strike.

Gratitude and Good Wishes

We extend our gratitude to the departing members for their efforts and the character they have brought to Raptors. Their contributions will not be forgotten, and we wish them all the best in their future endeavours within Counter-Strike. As we bid farewell to Deuce, Finui, Igorek, Midgard, Rutk0, and PALM1, we look forward to watching their careers flourish in new settings.

Gratitude and Good Wishes

With this latest roster change, Raptors Esports Club is again trying to set the stage for a new era of UKCS success. Our vision for the next players to take the place of once UK champions involves identifying and selecting a team that can perform at the highest levels of UKCS.

Brad Heaton, CEO of Raptors EC, had this to say:

The lads were a promising team when we signed them, and we worked together with them to improve the roster to a place we thought would perform better than it did. Signings players such as Midgard, Rutk0 and PALM1 were expected to take the team to a different level than it has achieved. This unfortunately didn’t go to plan, and we see ourselves in a similar position in UKCS regardless of the changes we made. While the team is still making strategic decisions and ensuring that they continue to progress, it is apparent that to remain at the top of UK Counter-Strike, Raptors need to make a wider change. This also partially benefits the roster, as they aspire to move to an international lineup and completely drop out of UK, which was not going to be supported by us at this stage.

A lot of commitment was given to the team during the few months together as well as at EPIC.LAN from Raptors, and we expected to see better results from the tournament. Our commitment to UKCS means that we highly value tournaments such as EPIC.LAN and UKIC and therefore better results are required for us to remain comitted to a roster.

Nevertheless, we now look forward to a new opportunity to return to the top of UK Counter-Strike and once again look to cement our place as a leader in UKCS.


While another change seems like a case of déjà vu, it’s a necessary step towards solidifying our place in the UKCS scene.

Stay tuned to be notified when we announce our new Counter-Strike 2 lineup.

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