Counter-Strike 2: Raptors Reveal New Players, Bid Farewell to Duo


Counter-Strike 2: Raptors Reveal New Players & Bid Farewell to Duo

Raptors Esports Club is committed to achieving success in the esports world, especially in the ever-evolving landscape of Counter-Strike. Today, we have some important news to share about our CS2 roster.

Firstly, we want to formally announce the departure of, and express our thanks to, Lorenzo ‘LTH’ Venanzi and Adrian ‘Cha0s’ Zielinski. We want to thank them for their dedication during their short tenure as part of our CS2 roster. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

We asked Szymon ‘Deuce’ Czapiewski (Coach) for his thoughts on the departures:

Despite our unsatisfactory results, I always enjoyed spending time with Adrian and Lorenzo. I will forever be grateful to LTH for introducing me to the core of this roster and will reminisce about our "counter-stratting" and analytical talks which we both really enjoyed having. I do believe that LTH is a true leader with a great mind for the game, and I wish him all the best in his future endeavour. I believe Cha0s is a player with untapped potential and if the stars align with a great set of teammates around him - I will definitely be worried to come up against him in future matchups, and that's exactly what I wish him!

On a brighter note, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of two exciting new talents to our CS2 roster: Rudolf ‘Rutk0’ Kovalčik and Heiðar Flóvent ‘Midgard’ Friðriksson. These players bring a fresh perspective and a drive that aligns with the values and aspirations of Raptors Esports Club.

Rudolf ‘Rutk0’ Kovalčik: Rudolf brings a cool head and some versatility to our gameplay through being able to provide invaluable mid-round calling aspects to our game. Previous experience includes teams such as Entropiq, Dark Tigers, Sampi and Cryptova.

Heiðar Flóvent ‘Midgard’ Friðriksson: Heiðar brings some great energy to keep players at their best and always hyped, as well as being an invaluable team player and communicator. Previous experience includes teams such as DUSTY.

With these changes, we’re looking forward to a new chapter in our CS2 journey. Our goal remains to compete at the highest levels and bring more victories and achievements to Raptors Esports Club.

We asked Ethan Smith, CMO, on his thoughts about the new players and what comes next for Raptors EC:

We are really happy to be welcoming both Rudolf and Heiðar to the team. We are hoping to be able to provide them with a platform to develop and gel to become one of the best teams in UKIC and beyond. Being committed to the UKCS scene is something that we hold to high importance and with the addition of both players, I am certain that we will achieve some great results

The team now looks like this ahead of the new season:

Szymon ‘Deuce’ Czapiewski (C)

Connor ‘Finui’ Finucane (AWP IGL)

Igor ‘Igorek’ Kochany

Tuomas ‘Lyd’ Tölli

Rudolf ‘Rutk0’ Kovalčik

Heiðar Flóvent ‘Midgard’ Friðriksson

Stay tuned in to our socials for updates and streams as we prepare for the upcoming CS2 season. We’re excited for you to see our team in action and continue to support us. For the latest news and updates, follow Raptors Esports Club on our social media channels (below).


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