A New Era Begins: Raptors Announce New Counter-Strike 2 Team


A New Era Begins: Raptors Welcomes New Counter-Strike 2 Team

Raptors Esports Club is thrilled to announce our new Counter-Strike 2 team, an important step towards reclaiming our place at the pinnacle of UKCS. Comprising players Rhys ‘Rhys’ Stumbles, Joshua ‘Yoshwa’ Riley, Arkadiusz ‘ifan’ Dabkowski, Lewis ‘Ziimzey’ Coleman, and Emyr ‘eMy’ Green, this team, formerly known as Part Timers, brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record within the UK Counter-Strike community.

Their transition into Raptors Esports Club signifies not only a new chapter for them but also a revitalised vision for our club’s future in Counter-Strike 2 competitions.

A Familiar Face Returns

A significant highlight of this new chapter is the return of Arkadiusz ‘ifan’ Dabkowski to Raptors. Arek has previously contributed to our club’s successes, including victorious campaigns at EPIC.LAN 40 and ESL UK Premiership Autumn 2023.

We asked ifan “Happy to be back in green? What are the goals this time around?”

Definitely happy to be back after a short break, my last time spent with Raptors was extremely fun and successful!

Our short-term aim is to make deep runs in domestic tournaments and compete for advanced, but personally I'd like to attempt to match the success we've had in the past.

A Unified Vision

The new team, embracing the ambition of Raptors Esports Club, is set on a clear mission: to dominate the UKCS scene.

At Raptors Esports Club, we are committed to providing our team with the support, resources, and environment necessary to achieve their full potential.

A Word from the Boss

In light of this announcement, Alistair ‘Krizmo’ Swift, Raptors’ very own COO, was asked about the potential impact of this new team:

I feel like this roster is exactly what we needed. This team is full of experience and talent, and the community knows that. The return of ifan is exciting for all of us as we already know what he is capable of, and seeing Yoshwa back competing is great, I've followed him for a few years.

All of the lads have the experience, skill, and purpose to get Raptors back to the pinnacle of UKCS.

Stay tuned for updates on our journey, match schedules, and behind-the-scenes content.

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